A History of Rugby in Victoria

researched & written by Ron Grainger

For many years, in a State overwhelmingly dominated by another football code, Rugby struggled to survive. At times it disappeared altogether from the sports fields of Melbourne, only to be revived by enthusiasts who appreciated the importance of Victoria retaining a place in the national and international Rugby scene. Ironically the time of its greatest success and recognition was to be dramatically cut short by the Second World War (WW2).

The story of the game in Victoria up to 1939 has been told here in two papers
The Early Years and Between the Wars;
together with an appendix recording significant features of that period and beyond.

Several historical capsules, in the form of photos and texts are included to help illustrate and expand on certain aspects of the story, A Cap for a Colonial is an account of the first Australian born Rugby international, and Trailing Clouds focuses on the development of the Union over the first 50 years.

Research and content Ron Grainger